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Beats' Kim Kardashian Collaboration Fit Pro Earbuds Are Selling Fast

The special-edition Beats x Kim Fit Pro earbuds, which come in three neutral, skin-toned colors, have sold out at Apple but are still available at Amazon.

The Beats x Kim Show in the Dune color
Beats x Kim earbuds in dune color.
David Carnoy/CNET

In case you missed it, Beats' limited-edition Beats Fit Pro earbuds collaboration with Kim Kardashian went up for preorder today and are now sold out at Apple. However, the buds' three new neutral color options -- moon, dune and earth -- are still available at Amazon. Beats has said the new colors will be available "while supplies last," but you figure that if they sell through quickly, we'll see Beats x Kim colors come back into stock in the not-so-distant-future. Still, if you want to be first with them, they seem to be moving fast.

Aside from the color change, Beats x Kim earbuds have the same functionality as other Fit Pro earbuds and cost the same, although the standard Fit Pro colors have been discounted by up to $40 in recent months. We awarded them an Editors' Choice last year as I called them the "sportier AirPods I've always wanted" in my full Beats Fit Pro review.

I did get my hands on a review sample of the dune color, which is sort of a tan. It doesn't quite match my skin tone but it blends in pretty well with my ear -- it appears to be the same color that Kardashian is wearing in the video below.

I'd personally like to see the color palette expand to seven color options like the JLab Go Air Tones, which only cost $20. So, no, Beats and Kardashian didn't invent the whole skin-tone earbuds concept. 

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