Apple says that 50% of iPhones are now on iOS 13

The adoption of Apple's latest mobile OS is moving fast.

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Eli Blumenthal
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iOS 13 is finding a home on plenty of Apple devices. 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Apple's iOS 13 may have only launched last month, but it's already finding a home on a fair number of iPhones

In an updated support post to developers on the App Store, Apple revealed that, as of Oct. 15, its latest mobile software is on 55% of all iPhone devices introduced in the last four years and on 50% of all connected iPhones in general. Roughly 40% of iPhones are still on iOS 12 (both in the last four years and in general), while just under 10% in each category are running an earlier version of iOS. 

Apple says that the numbers are measured by the App Store. The first version of iOS 13 launched on Sept. 19, while iPadOS and iOS 13.1 were released on Sept. 24. The adoption rate is comparable to last year's switch to iOS 12, which also hit 50% in just under a month. 

On the iPad side, 41% of iPads introduced in the last four years have already made the jump to iPadOS compared to the 51% that remain on last year's iOS 12. When looking at all iPads, 33% are on the latest software, 51% are on iOS 12 and 16% are on earlier versions of iOS. 

iPadOS is the iPad-focused version of iOS 13. While it shares many of the improvements as the iPhone's iOS 13, Apple created a special iPad-oriented name for its mobile software earlier this year.

According to StatCounter, which tracks market share, Android 9 Pie was on just under 33% of Android devices worldwide nearly a year after its release, followed by Android 8.1 Oreo, which was on just over 16% of devices as of September this year. 

It is unclear how many devices are currently on the latest version of Android, Android 10, which Google launched on Pixel devices on Sept. 3.

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