Apple says it spent $60 billion on parts from US suppliers in 2018

But made in the USA isn't always easy.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou

Apple says it spent over 10 percent more in 2018 on parts from US suppliers than 2017. 

Angela Lang/CNET

Apple says its continuing to expand its investments in US manufacturing.

The smartphone maker spent $60 billion with 9,000 American component suppliers and companies in 2018, the company said in a post Monday. That's an increase of more than 10 percent from the year before.

Apple highlighted several of its US-made components, including touch-sensitive glass for iPhone and iPad models made by Corning in Kentucky, as well as wireless communication hardware made in Colorado, Massachusetts and Oregon. Apple said the total number of jobs it's created or supported since 2011 has tripled "from almost 600,000 to 2 million across all 50 states."

However, it's not always easy to be "assembled in the USA." In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company was moving some Mac production to the US. But when Apple started assembling the $3,000 Mac Pro in Texas, it reportedly ran into problems.

Apple struggled to find US suppliers that could make enough screws for the Mac Pro , according to a report Monday from The New York Times. It was one of several problems that delayed sales of the Mac, according to the Times, and Apple ended up ordering screws from China.

When reached for comment, an Apple spokeswoman pointed back to the company's Monday post.