Apple reportedly cuts over 700 apps from Chinese App Store

Developers updated the apps without getting permission from Apple.

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Apple pulled apps from the Chinese App Store due to unauthorized updates.

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Apple reportedly removed 718 apps from the Chinese App Store in the last few days.

The iPhone maker swept out the apps because their developers pushed updates without its permission, The Telegraph reported Thursday, citing local reports.

Apple warned developers against updating iOS apps without its permission in early 2017. The banned apps included Sogou's search engine and maps, online retailer Pinduodo and car sharing service Togo Car.

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The Cupertino, California, company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

It's not the first time Apple has cracked down on rule-breakers in China, which has a very different app ecosystem than most of the world. Back in August, Apple pulled thousands of "illegal" gambling apps following intense criticism by state-run media.

The Chinese market makes up nearly 40 percent of the App Store's revenue, analysts at Macquarie Research reported earlier this year, so it's important for Apple to maintain control over its content.

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