Apple Pay to become payment method on eBay

Who needs PayPal?

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If you're already an Apple Pay convert, we have some good news for you: The mobile wallet is about to get much more useful.

On Tuesday, eBay said it'll soon accept Apple Pay as payment on it vast online retail platform. Certain retailers will begin accepting Apple Pay in the US come fall, the company said, before a full-scale rollout around the world begins. 

It's good news for Apple , a company that, as iPhone growth slows down, sees its services business as it next big growth area. Apple's services business has been "growing dramatically," CEO Tim Cook said during the company's earnings conference call in May. Revenue from things like the App Store, Apple Music and Apple Pay topped $9 billion for the first time, up more than $2 billion from the previous year. The total, $9.2 billion, also was double the services revenue Apple generated just four years ago. 

It looks to be the first of many announcements to come from eBay over the coming months, with Tuesday's announcement referencing a "payment initiative" that'll continue into 2021.

"Managing the end-to-end payments experience on eBay's Marketplace is a key initiative for the company," said Steve Fisher, Senior Vice President of Payments at eBay.  "As we expand our new payments experience over the coming months, we look forward to offering our global customers many other forms of payments on our platform."

The e-tailer's interest in new payments likely stems from its 2015 separation from PayPal, a company it bought in 2002 for $1.5 billion.

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