Apple is working on an in-display fingerprint sensor for iPhones, report says

Touch ID could be making a comeback.

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Future iPhones may join the club of having a fingerprint sensor built into its display. Seen here is Samsung's Galaxy S10.

Angela Lang/CNET

Apple's recent iPhone lineup has been all-in on its Face ID facial recognition system, which took over as the authentication system of choice following the iPhone X's introduction in 2017. While that might not be going away, it now appears that fingerprint recognition is set to make a comeback. 

Apple is working on in-display fingerprint sensors for future iPhones, according to a report from Bloomberg on Thursday. While not a novel innovation -- a fair amount of 2019 phones , including the latest from Samsung and OnePlus , already make use of similar tech -- it would allow Apple to add a new secure way to get into the phone while keeping the edge-to-edge design the recent iPhone line has had. 

The new feature could appear as soon as next year's iPhone update, Bloomberg said, though there is a chance it gets pushed out to 2021. The report adds that the in-display fingerprint scanner is said to be working "in tandem with the existing Face ID system."

A new iPhone SE is also apparently in the works for next year, according to the publication, though it will look like the iPhone 8 and keep the physical Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the home button. 

Apple is expected to introduce its latest line of iPhones next week, with additional rear cameras, the ability to wirelessly charge other devices and tougher glass expected to be key features. The 2020 iPhone, meanwhile, is said to be the next big refresh. In addition to possibly adding the in-display fingerprint sensor it is said to be the first iPhone that will support 5G

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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