Apple Glass: Major leak may spill details on long-rumored AR glasses

Apple Glass will reportedly start at $499 and work with prescription lenses.

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Apple originally wanted to reveal the smart glasses as a "one more thing" surprise during its next iPhone launch, but that could get delayed until 2021, a report says. 

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Apple's been rumored to be working on a pair of smart glasses for years. On Tuesday, Front Page Tech host Jon Prosser shared alleged details about the augmented reality glasses, which he says will be called Apple Glass

Apple Glass will pair with an iPhone and be controlled by gestures on and in front of the glasses, according to Prosser, who said he saw a video of a prototype pair. Both lenses will reportedly have displays and there will also be a lidar sensor in the frames . Prosser added that Apple Glass is meant to look similar to a typical pair of glasses and likely won't feature a camera. 

The price tag for Apple Glass will reportedly start at $499, plus the cost of prescription lenses. Prosser said Apple originally wanted to reveal the smart glasses as a "one more thing" surprise during its next iPhone launch, but the announcement could be pushed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook has indicated that the company is preparing for a big future in augmented reality, saying that the technology is potentially as important as the iPhone. Earlier this month, Apple bought the VR streaming company NextVR, which is mostly known for partnerships with the NBA and Wimbledon to stream live sports to people's headsets at home.

In 2018, sources told CNET that Apple also was working on a wireless headset for both AR and VR that was slated to be released sometime this year. However, the coronavirus pandemic has created supply chain issues and a slowdown in manufacturing for a number of tech giants, including Apple and Samsung.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment. 

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