Apple definitively confirms iOS and MacOS will not merge

Their capabilities have more crossover than ever, but Apple's smart phone and computer operating systems will stay separate.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

MacOS will get a lot of new features, but won't merge with the mobile iOS.

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Apparently, Apple's been asked this question a lot: "Are you merging iOS and MacOS?" At the company's WWDC, Senior VP Craig Federighi wanted to tackle it head-on, saying, "I'd like to take a moment to briefly address this question. NO. Of course not."

WWDC was largely focused on software, with big upgrades to the company's iOS mobile operating system coming in the form of iOS 12. Apple also showed off lots of features for its computer operating system and debuted the new MacOS called Mojave

The app stores, features and highlights of the two are starting to look more and more similar. Developers should have an easier time developing for both, but the two systems will not join into one. This stays true to what the company said back in 2016, and allows Apple to still diversify some features for the different platforms. 

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