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Apple Arcade tops 200 games: Super Leap Day, Monster Hunter Stories and Super Stickman Golf 3 out now

Apple Arcade added three more games on Friday, passing a big milestone.

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Shelby Brown
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Apple Arcade has a game for almost everyone. 

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Ahead of its second birthday next month, Apple Arcade's catalog of mobile games has surpassed 200 titles with the addition of Super Leap Day from Nitrome Unlimited, Monster Hunter Stories (Capcom), and Super Stickman Golf 3 from Noodlecake. 

You can check out the new games today.

Super Leap Day

Developer: Nitrome Limited


Super Leap Day is a platformer that keeps you on your toes.


Super Leap Day is a new action game where players must compete in devious challenges devised by a mischievous king. The game ups the ante on the familiar platformer style. In addition to outrunning obstacles and collecting goodies, Super Leap Day swaps players between horizontal and vertical side scrolling. Boost up walls, float, hang from the ceilings and bounce around in Gravity Galaxy, the Rainy Ruins and more to win the golden cup.

Super Leap Day is an Apple Arcade Original, but looks like an expanded version of Nitrome's original Leap Day, which you can still download in the App Store. Super Leap Day will add a new level every day, giving players something to come back to.

Monster Hunter Stories

Developer: Capcom


Tame dragons in Monster Hunter Stories on Apple Arcade.


Dive into a world filled with monsters. While most of the world is hunting them down, a quiet village bonds with the beasts instead and the people become Monster Riders. Become a Rider, befriend "Monsties," discover monster dens and bring eggs back to the village and hatch more Monsties. 

In the adventure RPG, you and your friends come across an egg. While playing, the egg hatches a flying dragon named Rathalos, "King of the Skies." Years later, you've become a Rider and embark on a new adventure with your partner Navirou in the world of the hunters.

Monster Hunter Stories is remastered and free of ads and in-app purchases for Apple Arcade, but you can still find the regular version in the App Store for $20. 

Super Stickman Golf 3

Developer: Nitrome


Play a wacky round of golf on Apple Arcade.


This new 2D golf game offers multiple zany courses, power-ups, different gameplay modes, collectibles and more. Super Stickman Golf 3 also features multiplayer modes -- play head-to-head or with up to eight others in timed-matches. 

Fans of What the Golf and Clap Hanz Golf might enjoy this. The game is already available in the App Store, but you'll encounter in-app purchases if you buy it outside of Apple Arcade. 

More on Apple Arcade 

Even though Apple Arcade has a hefty selection of games to choose from, more are still on the way. If you're interested in trying Apple Arcade, you can get a three-month free trial of Apple Arcade with the purchase of a new device, or one month for free if you're signing up for the first time. Open the App Store and tap the little joystick icon at the bottom of the screen to launch the service. 

Another option is the Apple One subscription bundle, which launched last year. Apple One makes it easier and more affordable to get up to six Apple subscription services, Apple Arcade included, for one price. Most recently, the service teamed up with Verizon to offer a free year-long subscription with unlimited plans.

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