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Android P's new Magnifier tool will take the guessing out of selecting text

This new Android P feature is a lot like one already in iOS.

The next version of Google's mobile OS, Android P, is due later this year.
Juan Garzon / CNET

Picture this. You're reading through a wall of text and come across a sentence you want to copy and paste. On Android, highlighting a line of text (and not overshooting or cutting off words) can be a pain even if you have the skinniest and nimblest fingers. iOS comes with a text-magnifying feature to make this easier, and it seems like the next version of Android is taking a page from the Apple playbook.

Android P will come with Google's new Magnifier feature. Google initially called out Magnifier when Android P was announced in May, but the feature was highlighted in detail in an Android developers blog post on July 4. Watch how the magic works below:

Magnifier has a window that shows you where your cursor is.


Magnifier helps you precisely position your cursor by opening up a magnified window above the text you are highlighting. This means no more guessing where your cursor lies with your finger blocking your view; with the enlarged text it becomes much easier to see.

Google says the Magnifier widget can also provide a zoomed-in view of any view or surface, not just text. Perhaps you'll start seeing it used to zoom in on pictures in certain Android apps.

Magnifier will be included when Android P releases to the public later this summer.

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