You can test the (near) final version of Android P with Beta 3

Maybe now it's safe enough to download the beta on your Android device.

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Gordon Gottsegen

Google announced Android P at its I/O developer conference in May.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Google's Android P mobile OS just got a little bit closer to your phone.

Google announced that Android P Beta 3 is now available. With Beta 3, Google says it's very close to the final version of Android P that will release to the public later this summer.

This is the third version of the Android P beta, following the release of Beta 2 in early June. Since Google finalized developer APIs in Beta 2, Beta 3 is more about bug fixes, stability optimizations and the latest July 2018 security updates.

You won't see many new features in Beta 3, but you may feel safe enough to download the beta now that Android P is close to its final version.

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You can download Android P Beta 3 on your Google Pixel phone by enrolling here. If you're already enrolled and using Android P Beta 2 you should be updated to Beta 3 automatically. Other phones in the Android P beta program should get access to Beta 3 in the coming weeks, according to Google.

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