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Amazon Prime Day 2018: Every game Twitch is giving away for free

Tyranny, Broken Age, Metal Slug 3 and more can be yours with Twitch Prime.

Some of the free games and when to download them.

Do you subscribe to Amazon Prime? Then you have a bunch of free games waiting for you. Every month, Twitch Prime members get free games, subscriber discounts and other rewards for simply linking their accounts. This month, the deal is even sweeter: as part the company's Amazon Prime Day celebration, Twitch is giving away more than 20 free games.

The promotion lasts until July 17, with a new game to download every day, including fan-favorite SNK classics like Metal Slug 3 and The Last Blade 2, and notable indies such as Tacoma and Broken Age. Also, Pillars of Eternity. Not every game will be available throughout the entire promotion, so keep an eye on that calendar.

Once you download a game you can keep it and play it as long as you like, says Twitch, and it's adding new titles all month long.

(You may notice only 19 games in the image above, but Twitch is also giving away The Framed Collection and Serial Cleaner from July 18-31.)

Here are the games you can get right now

  • Metal Slug 3
  • The Last Blade
  • Twinkle Star Sprites
  • Hue (Available until July 15th)
  • Deponia Doomsday (Available until July 16th)
  • >Observer_ (Available until July 17th)
  • Tacoma  (Available until July 18th)
  • The Bridge (Available until July 26th)
  • Brutal Legend (Available until July 27th)
  • The Red Strings Club (Available until  July 21st)

Upcoming Games

  • Tyranny (Available from July 16th — July 18th)
  • Broken Age (Available from July 17th — July 31st)
  • The Framed Collection (Available from July 18th — July 31st)
  • Serial Cleaner (Available from July 18th — July 31st)

Are the free games worth signing up? If you take advantage of Twitch Prime's 30-day free trial and cancel afterwards, you betcha. Or, if you have Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime is included for free (Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon) and you just have to link your accounts -- you can read how to do that here

Otherwise, the price of Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime varies country to country. In the US it's $13 a month or $119 annually. In the UK it's £8 a month or £79 annually. In Australia it's AU$5 a month until Jan. 31, 2019, then it's AU$7 a month (annual plans are also available). You do get ad-free streaming on Twitch and other deals in addition to the games.

The Twitch Prime promotion coincides with Amazon Prime Day, the company's big day of member-only sales.

For more info on the promotion, you can watch Twitch's video below:

Updated July 15, 6:51pm PT: The list has been updated to reflect new and expiring games.