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Fisker Ocean electric SUV has 7,000 reservations, startup teases future models

The Ocean isn't exactly drowning in preorders, but Fisker plans to keep pushing and introduce three new EVs by 2025.

Fisker future lineup
The future of Fisker of all goes according to plan.

Fisker, which pins its hopes of rising from the ashes in the Ocean electric SUV, dished out a hard figure to judge just how much interest there is in its upcoming EV. It's nothing spectacular, but there's certainly interest.

The company said Friday it has 7,062 reservations for the Ocean. Compared to recent news surrounding preorders (I'm thinking Tesla Cybertruck and Ford Bronco) it's a drop in the bucket. However, it goes to show there is an audience for Fisker's SUV with oodles of sustainable materials inside.

The reservations come from 30 countries and Fisker said the figure virtually sells out the first planned production run in late 2022. Fisker only recently moved the production start date from late 2021, so we're still quite some time away from the Ocean. Aside from a standard model, the company plans to produce a performance version and some sort of off-road package. The Ocean honestly isn't a bad-looking car, but it remains to be seen how Fisker plans to bring it to life. It could involve partnering with an established OEM. The company will go public to help raise cash, too.

While it continues to count Ocean reservations, Fisker also said it's prepared to bring three more EVs to market. The first is a performance sedan based on the EMotion concept we saw years back. The sedan was supposed to help bring Fisker back, but the company placed it on the back burner when solid-state battery technology didn't come as quickly. It's still very much in the minds at Fisker, though.

Additionally, Fisker talked about a second SUV for the first time it dubbed a "sports crossover." The image shows a swoopy design sort of reminiscent of the Volkswagen ID 4. Behind it, the startup also wants to produce a pickup truck. It's not shown in the image, but it's probably the same vehicle CEO and company namesake Henrik Fisker "accidentally" tweeted about.

Time will tell if Fisker finds success, but for now, all eyes are on the Ocean.

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