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Fisker Ocean Force-E off-road package will provide electric all-terrain fun

Fisker wants future buyers to have a true off-road option available, so, enter the Force-E package.

Fisker Ocean Force-E
Off-road Fisker: Coming soon.

Fisker continues work to bring its new baby, the Ocean electric SUV, to life, but on Monday it delivered good news for those dreaming of an electric off-roader.

This is what the startup believes will make up a Fisker Ocean Force-E, the name for a newly debuted package for the electric SUV. Originally, Fisker showed the images as a sort of conceptual rescue vehicle, but now we know it actually plans this gear for a production vehicle.

For those who end up with the Force-E package, Fisker promises a lot of torque and around 300 horsepower.  An upgraded suspension with a factory lift, off-road wheels and tires and added protection in the form of a bumper bar and skid plates will all be included.

Aside from these fairly typical upgrades to any vehicle for off-road duty, Fisker is particularly proud of a few more hardcore components. There will be a drinking water tank to ensure there's tap water available during overlanding, or for those who deploy the vehicle for rescue missions. Yes, Fisker has big plans for this electric SUV. Additionally, the company points out the deeply recessed front tire mount that won't obscure forward vision. Maybe we'll see the company head to the upcoming Extreme-E electric off-road racing series.

While Fisker continues to hone the Force-E package, the company also delivered some news on the production front. So far, the company still plans to have the Ocean in production at the end of 2021 with mass deliveries planned in 2022. Fisker says it will share its full production plans in Q3 of this year. But, we know there are a lot of good things coming. Aside from the Force-E package, Fisker also plans for a high-performance model with over 300 hp.