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Possible Fisker electric pickup makes accidental online appearance

Henrik Fisker himself tweeted the photo, but it's since been deleted.

Fisker Alaska electric pickup
Another electric pickup might be on the way.
Henrik Fisker/Twitter

It appears Henrik Fisker, CEO of the startup automaker that bears his name, made a boo-boo. On Wednesday, Fisker's personal twitter account tweeted the image seen above with a short caption that read, "Electric pickup truck!"

Except, the tweet is gone. Fisker told Roadshow the tweet was "unintentional and quickly deleted" after Fisker published it earlier today. Motor1 was able to snag a screenshot of the possible electric pickup truck, which shows it wearing the name Alaska.

The sole photo Fisker published shows only the rear of the the vehicle, and it definitely looks like a rendering that would come from the startup. It even wears California plates that read "Fisker," just like the Fisker Ocean SUV did in so many teaser photos ahead of its debut earlier this year.

In terms of design, what we'll call the Alaska looks like a proper Fisker and shows several similarities to the Ocean. The taillights are thin, a hallmark Fisker look, though not as long as the Ocean SUV's. They also seem to help carve out a debossed look on the tailgate, which boasts massive letters spelling out the Alaska name.

Massive, knobby tires are shown in this rendering as well, which is pretty typical of EV pickup concepts these days. What we can't tell is how large the bed is, which would give us some clue as to how large this thing may actually be.

Fisker also told us it "can't confirm the model or name of a vehicle that may have been seen in the tweet," but the company is "indeed working on a modular electric vehicle platform that may underpin several different affordable EV models." Sounds like a nice way of saying there is, in fact, a pickup truck in Fisker's future. But, the company's resources at the moment are focused on  putting the Ocean into production.

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