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Fisker Ocean electric SUV revealed and it's cheaper than a Tesla Model 3

Making its debut at CES 2020, the Fisker Ocean SUV will cost $37,499 before the available tax credit, or you can lease it for $379 per month.

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Details of Fisker's new SUV, the Ocean, have been trickling out over the past few months, ahead of the EV's official debut at CES 2020 this week. We've heard about California Mode, the Electrify America partnership and the sub-$400 lease price. But to expand upon that last point, Fisker officially revealed final pricing information for the Ocean on Sunday, and it'll undercut a number of other EVs -- including the Tesla Model 3.

The starting MSRP of the new Fisker Ocean will be $37,499. Factor in the federal tax credit, and that price drops to $29,999. The order books are open now through the Fisker mobile app or the company's website, with a requisite $250 reservation fee. The $250 initial cost applies to both the full-purchase option and the lease deal, the latter of which costs $379 per month, with $2,999 due at signing.

As for the lease terms, Fisker says customers "can return the vehicle in one month, eight months, 22 months or several years" with "no long-term contracts, with 30,000 miles per year included," according to a statement. Fisker will also offer insurance options through its mobile app, and vehicle maintenance will all be handled through the automaker. "Fisker will pick up and return vehicles when maintenance is required, or service is requested," the company said.

For reference, as of this writing, a base Tesla Model 3 Standard Range costs $535 per month for a 10,000-mile per year lease, with a $1,230 initial payment.

The Fisker Ocean will launch with an Electrify America charging partnership.


Fisker calls the Ocean "the world's most sustainable vehicle," with its full-length solar roof, recycled carpeting, vegan interior and "eco-suede" interior textiles. The company says it will also "utilize discarded rubber waste generated during tire manufacturing that will no longer be dumped in landfills," though it's unclear exactly what that entails.

Exact performance details are still TBD, but Fisker says the Ocean will be powered by an approximately 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The company is targeting an electric driving range of somewhere between 250 and 300 miles.

Fisker says it has global manufacturing capacity across the United States, China and Europe, and the company projects it'll build more than 1 million vehicles between 2022 and 2027. The Ocean's platform will soon go on to underpin two additional Fisker products, which will be detailed in the coming years.

Following its debut at CES this week, the Ocean is expected to go into production at the end of 2021, with the first deliveries commencing in 2022.