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Volkswagen ID 4 leaked photos suggest EV will look a lot like the concept

The electric SUV also looks a lot like a larger ID 3.

Volkswagen ID 4 teaser
Yeah, the production car will look a lot like this.

We're not sure when Volkswagen will finally show off the ID 4 electric SUV -- it was supposedly scheduled for a debut at the now-canceled New York auto show. But the internet has once again done its thing and supplied leaked photos of the SUV.

Posted to Instagram account CocheSpias, the pictures appear to come from a Chinese website. Thus, it's important to note not everything seen here is guaranteed for a US-spec model. Nevertheless, this is more than likely 98% of what we'll get because the brand has already shown the vehicle off with a fun wrap that basically revealed the SUV's shape.

Volkswagen declined to comment on the photos, but everything is there in plain sight, including an ID 4 badge on the rear.

Speaking of the rear, it's the biggest departure from the relatively familiar design of the ID 3 hatchback. A light bar stretches across the rear and looks a tad Audi-like, at least to me. The rear hatch fades into plastic trimming with rear side markers and what looks like a silver underbody plate peeking out.

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The front is very much ID 3 and it's likely this face will continue making its way to more ID-branded Volkswagen cars. The headlights appear almost identical and the thin strip connecting the two headlights has a VW badge smack-dab in the middle. It's a good thing the ID 3 looks good because this face totally works on an SUV, too.

We don't have any more information on the model, but the ID 4 will mark the start of VW's electric era here in the US. Rear-wheel drive should be standard with all-wheel drive optional, and we'll likely see a range under 300 miles. The SUV should do 310 miles based on European standards, but EPA ratings are always more realistic, which leads to lower range figures.