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Fisker Ocean: Reborn electric-car startup's SUV has a name

And the Ocean is putting a major emphasis on recycled materials.

Fisker Ocean electric SUV
Not a bad looking thing, the Ocean is.

For years, designer Henrik Fisker has teased the Fisker car company's comeback. First, it was with the EMotion, but quickly, the company refocused on a mysterious SUV model. On Thursday, we finally know what we can call the electric SUV, and that name is Ocean.

Don't be fooled, however. This isn't a debut for the Fisker Ocean, though, the company did finally confirm we'll see the model in the metal on Jan. 4, 2020, and showed more of the design than ever.

Instead, Fisker used the announcement to gently guide us toward the Ocean's debut date and additionally shared that it will launch a mobile app for the electric SUV on Nov. 27. At that time, those interested can place reservations for the Ocean before the vehicle enters production at the end of 2021. If it looks like this at production, it'll be a swanky thing with baby Land Rover looks.

Fisker targets a 250- to 300-mile range with an 80 kWh battery feeding the electric motors, and Mr. Fisker said the Ocean will "combine maximum usability with an unprecedented driving experience." Full dimensional specs aren't available yet, but we do know the Ocean will measure about 182 inches long. For comparison, it's about the length of a Chevrolet Equinox. To promote efficiency and weight savings, Fisker said it combed through the entire model; for example, the Ocean includes a fixed hood to remove any latches or seals. "New-age" electronics and an air conditioning unit create more interior space for passengers, and a solar panel sits atop the roof to create an estimated 1,000 miles of driving range annually.

That's about all we got on the mechanical side of things for the Ocean, but the company was eager to talk about the model's sustainability.

Inside the Ocean, which we haven't seen yet, there's a completely vegan interior with 100% polycarbonate polyurethane surfaces and 100% reinforced rayon backing. Meanwhile, interior textures come from recycled polyester (like old T-shirts) and plastics from water bottles and other items. With these efforts, Fisker said it will dramatically lower the CO2 produced during Ocean production.

On the floor, totally recycled carpeting is awash and comes from repurposed nylon. The material, Fisker said, comes from thrown-away fishing nets people have left in the ocean. Sounds like we know where the SUV's name comes from.

The company also mentioned it would use rubber wasted that's often discarded during tire manufacturing, though it didn't say where it would implement the material for recycling.

Fisker's tone appears very optimistic, underscored by the fact that the Ocean debuting in January will not be a concept. It will be a production prototype vehicle sitting smack-dab on the platform meant for manufacturing. In the meantime, we'll wait for Nov. 27 to learn more about Fisker's flexible lease program.

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