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If bigger truly is better, then the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban is one of the best SUVs ever made. From width to wheelbase, length to height, this new model is larger than its already-husky predecessor. Thanks to those outsized dimensions, this machine has an enormous appetite for passengers and cargo, making it ideal for large families or folks that regularly transport bulky freight. Fortunately, though, size isn't everything. There's plenty to like about the new Suburban that has nothing to do with its enormous dimensions.

The Suburban's new and much-needed independent rear suspension provides numerous benefits, not the least of which is greater comfort in the aft-rows of seats. In my Premier test model, which is one step down from the range-topping High Country trim, the front chairs are supportive and nicely contoured. The second row is plenty spacious, and the seats adjust easily, even folding down and tipping up in one smooth motion to give you a broad path to access the third row, which can now comfortably accommodate adult passengers. Legroom and headroom are ample in the way-back, and the lower cushion is nicely elevated from the floor. Thanks to its extra passenger space, the new Suburban would be a great road-trip vehicle.

Climbing aboard, you feel almost tiny in this SUV because its dashboard is high and the interior wide enough that leaning over to touch the opposite door panel is a struggle. Intimidating dimensions aside, this Chevy's cabin is pleasant. None of its materials or controls are luxury-car upscale, but nothing is flagrantly cheap, either. Everything is tightly assembled and handsomely laid out. The climate controls, which reside at the bottom of the center stack, are dead-simple to use and the new toggle-switch electronic shifter is easy to reach and immediately intuitive, though that didn't stop me from pawing the air in search of a traditional column-mounted shifter. If you've got a lot of junk to stash, the Suburban's center-console bin is huge and there's an array of other pockets and nooks, including a nifty little cubby with a sliding lid right on the dashboard.

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The Good ~ Comfortable in all three rows ~ Excellent infotainment tech ~ Refined powertrain ~ High-quality cabin

The Bad ~ Intimidating dimensions ~ Ponderous to drive ~ Gets pricey

The Bottom Line The new Suburban is more comfortable and accommodating than ever, but make no mistake, it is a big vehicle and feels every bit like one.

Editors' Rating
  • Performance 7.5
  • Features 8
  • Design 7.5
  • Media 9

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