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Prime Day 2020 preview: The 50 weirdest deals we've ever seen

Amazon Prime Day really is one of the strangest sales on the internet. These items are proof.

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Delighting their fans with sick beats
1 of 50 Suck UK via Amazon/iStock

These are the strangest Amazon Prime Day deals -- ever

Expected to happen around mid-July 2020, the latest Amazon Prime Day is expected to live up to its reputation as the biggest shopping day there is. In 2019, the two-day shopping event had higher sales totals than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, as shoppers snapped up deeply discounted Instant Pots, Amazon Echo devices and more.

But good deals are only half of the Amazon Prime Day fun, because the shopping holiday has become just as synonymous with the weird and usual. You can get a great deal on an electric toothbrush, sure. But how about a deal on a Hillary Clinton Chia Pet? Maybe a discount on a 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant is more your speed?

Or, perhaps, you'd rather buy this cat scratcher designed to look like a turntable? It's one of our absolute favorite (weird) Prime Day deals, dating back to 2017.

2 of 50 Merrycolor via Amazon

A sequin pillow with Nic Cage's face on it

This truly bizarre home accessory was marked down to $9.99 for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

3 of 50 What Do You Meme via Amazon

This jigsaw puzzle of ... The Last Supper?

This 500-piece puzzle from What Do You Meme swaps out Jesus for the "Guess I'll Die" meme guy. This Prime Day 2019 deal cost just $3.49.

4 of 50 Waterfall Audio via Amazon

These $26,700 speakers, marked down from almost $40,000

During Prime Day 2016, exceptionally wealthy shoppers could have scored a five-digit discount on this pair of glass floor speakers from Waterfall Audio.

5 of 50 Adicreat via Amazon

Just a dinosaur on a toilet

Yes, someone really did make this. And yes, someone really did think, "this would make an amazing Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal."

6 of 50 Nostalgia via Amazon

This toaster that only makes hot dogs

This Prime Day 2017 oddity is the perfect gift for someone who's still struggling to figure out how to cook hot dogs.

7 of 50 Vintage Book Art via Amazon

A classy picture of "Gentleman Octo-crow"

Chimeric nightmare, or fancy 8-by-10-inch Victorian art print? We'll let you make the call on this 2019 Amazon Prime Day deal.

8 of 50 Cozy via Amazon

This heater made specifically for chicken coops

Because chickens get cold in the wintertime too, you know? This 200-watt chicken coop heater was one of the most unusual Amazon Prime Day deals of 2018.

9 of 50 Madhourse

A gift card for one free toilet replacement

Yes, really: Amazon's Prime Day 2015 discounts extended to in-home toilet replacement service.

10 of 50 Jasonwell via Amazon

A giant inflatable unicorn

This 9.5-foot inflatable unicorn, offered during Prime Day 2017, can hold up to two adults at once.

11 of 50 Assaoy via Amazon

This tapestry of galaxy cat

Looking to add some out-of-the-world art to your walls? This painfully millennial "Galaxy Cat" tapestry, a Prime Day 2019 deal ($16.99), measures 60-by-80 inches and is made of polyester.

12 of 50 PetPeek via Amazon

A fence window for your doggo

During Prime Day 2017, Amazon offered discounts on this 9.5-inch diameter acrylic PetPeek Window that's meant to "help alleviate a dog's curiosity within confined fences."

13 of 50 CPSYUB via Amazon

This gross pimple-popping toy

This strange silicone toy that simulates popping pimples was priced at $12.47 for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

14 of 50 The Keyboard Waffle Iron via Amazon

A keyboard-shaped waffle maker

Just be careful you don't mix up which keyboard you're supposed to pour maple syrup on. This one was a Prime Day 2017 deal.

15 of 50 Mydethun via Amazon

This awesome USB moon light

This 3-D printed light-up moon, a 2018 Prime Day deal, has a rechargeable battery so it can be used wirelessly. Most rad.

16 of 50 Weird Tails via Amazon

This doorbell for when your dog has to pee

Yes, really—it's a wireless doorbell for potty training your dog. But the weirdest part about this Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal ($29.99), however, may be the fact that it actually works.

17 of 50 Tstars via Amazon

This shirt to honor Dad

You may have missed out on this fart joke T-shirt during Prime Day 2018, but if you want one (why?), they're still available on Amazon for roughly $13.95, depending on size.

18 of 50 Orion Pictures

This fine piece of Weird Al cinema

"Weird Al" Yankovic's classic 1989 film UHF may be the best movie you'll ever own. (Pay no attention to its 32 rating on Metacritic.)

It was marked down 20 percent for Prime Day 2019.

19 of 50 Luwint via Amazon

A hat that's also an umbrella

This Amazon Prime Day 2017 deal is exactly what you need for... dog walking during a sunny day?

20 of 50 Kidsco via Amazon

50 rubber duckies

At first, we wondered: Why would anyone want to buy 50 rubber ducks, all at once? Then we thought about how amazing it would be to take a bath with 50 rubber ducks, all at once.

These were offered as a Prime Day 2017 deal.

21 of 50 Evapo-Rust via Amazon

A 55-gallon drum of rust remover

In 2016, Amazon offered a $225 Prime Day discount on this barrel of nontoxic Evapo-Rust rust remover. You should have stocked up while you had the chance.

22 of 50 Lifestraw via Amazon

This straw for drinking from scummy ponds

This one is weird, sure, but also useful: On Prime Day 2018, Amazon offered personal water filters at a 60% discount

23 of 50 HABA via Amazon

This rotisserie chicken plushie

This play food, an Amazon Prime Day 2017 deal, actually gets rave reviews from parents.

24 of 50 Warner Bros.

This signed cast picture from The Goonies

This triple-signed cast photo (sorry, no Chunk) from the legendary 1980s adventure film comes with a certificate of authenticity. It was offered during Prime Day 2015.

25 of 50 Downtown Pet Supply via Amazon

Yak milk chews for your pupper

These all-natural yak-milk chews, an Amazon Prime Day 2018 deal, are much easier on your dog's digestive tract than rawhide.

26 of 50 baKblade via Amazon

This DIY cure for hairy backs

Believe it or not, this no-batteries-required 2018 Amazon Prime Day deal is a hit with reviewers with a 4.4-star rating. Says one verified purchaser: "I wish I could kiss the guys that invented this thing."

27 of 50 Kikkerland via Amazon

These plastic hedgehogs for your dryer

Offered as an Amazon Prime Day 2017 deal, these little guys are meant to be eco-friendly replacements for dryer sheets.

28 of 50 Sun Cling via Amazon

Your very own mermaid tail to keep you warm

This soft crocheted mermaid's tail, offered during Prime Day 2017, is like a cross between a sleeping bag and a cozy blanket. Two sizes and a wide array of colors are available.

29 of 50 Big Time Toys via Amazon

These ridiculously fun bouncy shoes from your youth

Remember how fun (and slightly dangerous) these bouncy shoes were? Well, they still are (both)!

30 of 50 Areaware via Amazon

These creepy hands for your wall

These wall hangers, cast from the designer's actual hand, may very well have been the creepiest deal offered during Amazon Prime Day 2017.

31 of 50 Lil' Jumbl via Amazon

This urinal that's shaped like a frog's mouth

This potty training accessory was one of Amazon's Prime Day 2016 deals.

32 of 50 Design Toscano via Amazon/iStock

This resin yeti statue for your yard

If you've been on the lookout for a resin statue of a yeti to complete your outdoor space, we have some bad news: Prime Day 2017 may have been your best chance to score one at a discount.

There's a life-size version of this yeti available for the truly adventurous.

33 of 50 iRockBling via Amazon

This gold-tone grill

These yellow gold-tone grills, a Prime Day 2016 deal, come with a resizable silicone molding bar for a custom fit.

34 of 50 Nora The Piano Cat via Amazon

This DVD of a cat playing piano

This Prime Day 2016 deal is just a DVD-R containing 25 minutes of a cat playing piano.

35 of 50 Umbra via Amazon

A drain stopper that looks like a man in distress

This little blue guy was an Amazon Prime Day 2017 deal.

36 of 50 iscream via Amazon

This pillow shaped like a roll of Smarties

This cuddly pillow was one of Amazon's sweetest Prime Day deals in 2015.

37 of 50 Fred & Friends via Amazon

This tea infuser that's shaped like a sloth

A number of different Fred & Friends accessories were put on sale during Prime Day 2017, including this bizarre sloth tea infuser.

38 of 50 DevotedDoggy via Amazon

A car booster seat for your pupper

On Prime Day 2017, Amazon offered a deal on this 12x14-inch protective car seat for smaller dogs.

39 of 50 Kadina via Amazon

This set of iridescent flatware

This 5-piece set (two spoons, two forks and a knife) sure are colorful. It was priced at $29.97 for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

40 of 50 Trolli via Amazon

Five pounds of gummy worms

Sure, you could buy these gummy worms in 2-ounce or 8-ounce bags. But on Prime Day 2017, the best way to save big was to buy big -- specifically, this 5-pound bulk bag of Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers gummy worms.

41 of 50 Yamazaki home via Amazon

A silicone armadillo for holding business cards

This bright red armadillo, a Prime Day 2017 deal, is perfect for when you have exactly 10 business cards you're struggling to keep organized.

42 of 50 Exploding Kittens LLC via Amazon

This game that pits babies against bears 🐻

This Prime Day 2019 card game deal ($20.99) comes from the creators of Exploding Kittens.

43 of 50 Star Wars via Amazon

These Stormtrooper bookends

These now-sold-out resin bookends were one of the coolest offerings during Prime Day 2016. If you like that kind of thing.

44 of 50 KLF Sports via Amazon

A signed screenshot of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

This Prime Day 2016 deal, a screenshot from Punch-Out signed by Mike Tyson, came with a certificate of authenticity.

45 of 50 Chia via Amazon

Hillary Clinton chia pet

Because who wouldn't want a clay bust of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton covered in tiny plants? This deal was offered during Prime Day 2017.

46 of 50 Das Horn via Amazon

Plastic Viking drinking horn

This Prime Day 2017 deal holds 24 ounces of your favorite mead or ale.

47 of 50 Waylongplus via Amazon

This really intense tiger shower curtain

This polyester Prime Day 2017 offering adds a definite velvet painting vibe to your bathroom, in case that's what you're looking for.

48 of 50 HVMN via Amazon

Coffee that you chew instead of drink

This Amazon Prime Day 2017 deal offered the opportunity to swap your drinkable morning habit out with a chewable morning habit. The maker says two cubes roughly equal the caffeine content of a cup of coffee.

49 of 50 Beauteous via Amazon

Sheep placenta to rub on your face

Prime Day 2017 saw discounts on this sheep placenta cream, which supposedly fights the signs of aging and rejuvenates your skin.

50 of 50 YML via Amazon

This pineapple for your pets to sleep in

If a pineapple is good enough for Spongebob, it's gotta be good enough for your kitty. This was a Prime Day 2017 deal.

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