Amazon's kookiest Prime Day deals for 2016 (pictures)

Prime Day is back. If you've been dying to buy some glowing shuttlecocks or a fluffy unicorn on the cheap, now is the time. But keep in mind, some of these deals may have already expired.


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Benny the Jumping Bull

Amazon's Prime Day shopping-fest of a holiday launched in 2015 with some oddball bargains, ranging from giant tubs of taffy to signed "Goonies" photos. This year's festivities may be full of electronics bargains, but the party also contains plenty of bizarre products. Anybody want to to buy a gimp outfit with chainmail pants?

This bouncy animal is designed for kids, but it will make plenty of adults long for the days of childhood. The inflatable animal hopper is known as Benny the Jumping Bull. The description says it's "SO-MUCH-FUN." It's part of the stranger side of Amazon's Prime Day deal-palooza.

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Rave glasses

Whoa, dude, did you see that? Put on these trippy GloFX kaleidoscope glasses and experience what this Prime Day deal calls "rainbow rave prism diffraction" (which would be a totally great band name). This wild eyewear showed up as a lightning deal during Prime Day.

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'Separate pouches trunks'

Nothing says "shopping holiday" quite like a four pack of undies. These David Archy men's micro-model separate pouches trunks are described as "superior underwear for men using patent pending separate pouch designed to keep a man's personal area comfortably separate resulting in a dry environment all day." For the more adventurous man.

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Gimp outfit

Last year, the #primedayfail star was a giant tub of lube. This year, I'm voting for the "Smiffy's Men's Gimp Costume Bodysuit with Straps and Chainmail Pants." You had me at chainmail pants, Amazon. This incredible costume is dry-clean-only and runs small (according to reviewers). It's 100 percent polyester. Did I mention the chainmail pants?

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Glowing shuttlecocks

Amazon's Prime Day deals include a few sporting items. This particular one has an epic name: "BLUBOON(TM) LED Badminton Set Shuttlecock Dark Night Glow Birdies Lighting for Outdoor/Indoor Sports Activities." Yep, it's a set of glowing shuttlecocks so you can take your badminton battles out into the dark of night.

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Butter churn

Celebrate the high-tech wonders of Amazon Prime Day with a very low-tech purchase. This Prime Day deal of a Kilner butter churn will annoy your teenagers and make you feel like you just stepped way, way back in time. But you can look forward to the satisfaction of having churned your own butter. Now get off of my lawn!

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Not My Little Pony

This may look like a My Little Pony, but it's not. It's a FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn. The toy responds to touch with "lifelike movements," or a least as lifelike as a unicorn can get. The unicorn also comes with its own interactive app. Just don't compare her to My Little Pony; it's hurtful. Amazon's Prime Day deal knocks 44 percent off her original price.

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Doggie door bell

Your dog might not be able to speak human language, but there are still lots of ways to communicate. Take this Amazon Prime Day deal, for example. It's a GoGO Bell Dog Doorbell that lets you teach your pooch to ring it to be let outside. It just goes to show that Amazon isn't forgetting our fuzzy companions on Prime Day.

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Alarm clock with gun

Sometimes you wish you could shoot your annoying alarm clock in the morning. Well, now you can with this Creatov Alarm Clock with Infrared Laser Gun, brought to you on sale through Amazon Prime Day. The gun apparently comes with realistic recoil action and sound effects to add to your satisfaction at shooting your alarm into snooze mode.

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Frog urinal

This is a frog. This frog has its mouth wide open. This frog is also a urinal. Yes, it's a little disturbing. It's known as the "Lil' Jumbl Toddler Urinal Wheel Spin Child Choice Potty Trainer" and it's part of Amazon's Prime Day lightning deals. Whatever it takes to potty-train that kid.

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Very American beach towels

This Prime Day beach towel set has only a single review and it's just a single star. The set consists of an American flag beach towel paired with a $100 bill beach towel. It's so American, you can't stare at it for too long or it will burn your eyes with the combined power of patriotism and capitalism.

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There are some strange and unusual products to be found among Amazon's Prime Day deals. You need look no further than this Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go toilet spray. It's made to mask your personal odors. The description notes it is "scientifically tested."

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Stormtrooper bookends

The last thing you need is to feel intimidated by your bookshelf, but this Amazon Prime Day deal for Stormtrooper bookends might make you reluctant to pick out some reading material. The Stormtroopers stand at the ready to defend your fiction collection from anyone who approaches. As of the time of writing, this popular deal was nearly sold out.

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Signed Tyson Punch-Out

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is a fabled boxing video game. You can get all meta with it with this screenshot from the game signed by Tyson himself. Naturally, it comes with a certificate of authenticity. It's one of the weirder offerings found in the depths of Amazon's Prime Day shopping holiday.

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No more wrinkles?

What is this strange modern-day torture device? It's a WrinkleMD LIP Hyaluronic Deep Infusion System and it's one of Amazon's Prime Day bargains. It delivers a "boost of hyaluronic acid, nature's extraordinary 'youth serum.'" Just don't try to go out in public looking like this.

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Protect baby's hearing

Prime Day deals aren't just for the benefit of adults looking for cheap TVs and unique underwear. These Baby Banz earBanZ kids hearing protection earmuffs are designed to protect the delicate hearing of your little one.

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