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Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen and other accessories now on sale

Samsung Galaxy S3 extras including the C-Pen stylus and Flip Cover are available now.

We're just a couple of weeks away from the day the Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives, but you can get start getting ready for that day as the S3's accessories go on sale in the UK. S3 extras including the C-Pen stylus and Flip Cover are available to order now, although the actual date they'll land in your hands hasn't been confirmed.

Samsung revealed a wide selection of accessories for the S3 alongside the new Android phone -- check out our photos of the docks, cases and even a blood pressure monitor. Online retailer Mobile Fun is selling the S3's bits and bobs, including the stylus, assorted covers, a battery charger and Wi-Fi Streaming dongle.

The C-Pen stylus is a sleek grey pen with a rounded point for writing and drawing on the S3's 4.8-inch screen. It costs £20.

The Flip Cover protects your phone with a front panel that flips over to cover the screen. In an unusual twist, it doesn't slide on the outside of the phone, like most covers; instead, you remove the battery cover from the S3's rear and clip the Flip Cover on in its place, making the Flip Cover part of the phone.

So far you can get the Flip Cover in white or a gunmetal-coloured chrome blue, and it costs a whopping £30.

The S3 is also twinned with an iPod nano-style MP3 player called the S Pebble, which is yet to go on sale.

For a closer look at the S3, take a look at our hands-on photos, and press play on our video below to see it in action.

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The S3 arrives in shops and on phone networks at the end of the month -- click here to find out more details on pricing and release dates

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