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Bored with ogling the Samsung Galaxy S3? Why not check out some S3 accessories! Cases, charging docks and speakers that were on show at last night's launch get the photo treatment in the gallery above, so click through to treat your peepers.

Fancy giving your new S3 pride of place within your domicile? You need the Premium Audio Dock, which sports a vacuum tube amplifier, poking out the top of the system.

As well as charging the S3, the Premium Dock also lets you play tunes through Bluetooth-enabled devices. It has a 100W output, and comes with a cutesy little remote.

Too ostentatious? The Desktop Dock also charges your phone and plays music to boot. Wireless charging and battery charging stands are also available -- the wireless charger kit works by fitting the S3 with a special back cover.

Perhaps you want to protect your S3 while out and about? Then a case would be right up your alley. The Flip Cover is exactly what it sounds like, and comes in a range of rainbow hues, while the Slim Cover is a mere 0.5mm thick and comes in two colour options -- white and blue, just like the S3 itself.

Samsung won't be the only company churning out accessories to accompany the S3 -- I even saw some medical gadgets that work with the S3, including one for monitoring blood pressure.

There are more bits and bobs you can buy for the S3, including a stylus, car dock and the AllShare Cast Hub, which lets you stream video from your phone to your TV.

Will you be buying the S3 when it comes out at the end of this month? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

Boom, shake the room.
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A visible vacuum tube amplifier? Don't mind if we do...
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This is the remote. It'e teeny tiny.
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Want to charge your S3 while having it loom on your desk like a touchscreen tombstone? This charging stand is for you.
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Here's a close-up snap. A wireless charger is also available.
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Flip your lid for these flip colours. What, too drab?
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Then how about some more exotic colours?
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This slim cover won't warp the S3's stylish frame, but still lets you access all the ports.
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Finally, a third-party gadget for monitoring blood pressure using the S3. Cool!
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