Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen stylus and accessories revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived, and with it accessories including a covers, docks and chargers, as well as a C-Pen stylus.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived, and with it a slew of accessories. If you want to fancy-up your phone, there's a range of covers, docks and chargers, as well as a C-Pen stylus.

The S3 sports a giant 4.8-inch screen, so Samsung is giving you the option of a stylus for writing, browsing, and playing Draw Something -- a bit like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Other optional extras include a dock with audiophile-style vacuum tubes, a waterproof cover and a streaming hub. Read on for the full line-up.

AllShare Cast Hub

AllShare Cast is a new feature for sharing movies, music and games from your S3 to a big screen. Plug in the AllShare Cast Hub and you can zap stuff from your phone to the big screen.

Flip Cover

The flip cover has a slim back cover that protects your phone, with a front bit that flips open when you want to use the phone. At least we think that's what it does -- the press release appears to have been translated from Korean by someone who doesn't speak English. Or Korean.

Protective Cover

The protective cover makes your S3 waterproof. It's just 1.3mm thick, with dinky rubber caps covering the headphone jack and micro-USB port. It comes in four vivid colors and guards against small drops and knocks.

Slim Cover

If you're not planning to take your new S3 within 10ft of water thank you very much, the 0.5mm slim cover adds a bit of protection without bulking up your phone. It comes with two differently-coloured and patterned cases for a bit of variety.

C Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a stylus known as the S Pen, but the S3 gets its own C Pen. It's a capacitive stylus pen "exclusively optimised" for the S3's screen, with a 3mm rubber tip and an aluminum body that matches the S3's design.

Premium Audio Dock

The Premium Audio Dock is a docking speaker with a swanky vacuum tube amplifier. Samsung reckons the combination of analogue and digital technology gives high-quality sound, and 2.1Ch 100W output through a vacuum tube. As if that wasn't enough, it also charges the S3.

Desktop Dock

The Galaxy S3 Desktop Dock charges the phone and plays music. You can dock your S3 even with a case on, as long as it's an officially-sanctioned case like the ones mentioned above. Oh, and you can put it anywhere -- you don't even need to own a desk!

Universal Vehicle Dock

The Vehicle Dock mounts most phones on your dashboard, with or without a case. The gear-locking mechanism rotates for both portrait and landscape viewing.

Battery Charger Stand and Wireless Charging kit

The Battery Charger Stand and Wireless Charging Kit do exactly what they say on the tin.

Prices and release dates are yet to be announced. Do any of these S3 extras tickle your fancy? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook page.