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OnePlus 5T comes in blazing new Lava Red color

The OnePlus 5T will come in a new fiery red variant, which will be available on Feb. 6.


The OnePlus 5T in red.

Josh Miller/CNET

The stellar OnePlus 5T, which earned our Editors' Choice last year for its high-end hardware, speedy performance and affordable price, will come in a new Lava Red color. It will go on sale Feb. 6 and cost $559 and £499 with 128GB of storage (that converts to about AU$740).

This red version is the latest color variant OnePlus rolled out for the phone, following a sandstone white version in early January. While it's not as vibrant as, say, the orangey-red Google Nexus 5 from 2014, it's similar to the crimson red Apple iPhone 7 from last year. It's also available in its original black color.

Other than the color, however, the phone remains the same. It still isn't water resistant and doesn't have expandable memory, but it features a Snapdragon 835 chipset, dual rear-cameras and a sharp 6.01-inch display.

For more information, check out CNET's OnePlus 5T review.