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Nokia phones' Bluetooth 4.0 update reportedly on the way

Bluetooth may seem passe, but an update to version 4.0 will give Nokia phones a lot more heft behind the scenes.

Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia phones like the Lumia 1020 could see a Bluetooth upgrade that will do quite a bit. Sarah Tew/CNET

Nokia could give its smartphones like the Lumia 1020 a Bluetooth boost, from version 3.0 of the wireless technology to Bluetooth 4.0.

According to sources cited by The Verge, the Finnish phone maker is readying a software update that will sweep many of its higher-end Lumia devices, turning on Bluetooth 4.0 capability that resides within the chipset.

Compare other top phones like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One, and the just-announced Lumia 1020 stands out for being the only one of the pack with Bluetooth 3.0.

Bluetooth may seem like a blah update, but there's a lot that this short-range communications technology can enable, like one-touch pairing with a range of devices and accessories, including Fitbits.

Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as BLE, is also seeing new and exciting implementations, like powering up this very cool electronic key for your home's front door.

It's likely that Nokia will build BLE capabilities into its own accessories as well. Keep an eye out for an update later this month, which should also include minor Windows Phone 8 tweaks to enhance pre-existing apps.

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