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Nokia 9 PureView promo video leak purports to show off 5-camera phone

The company's upcoming flagship looks like it will throw five cameras at the perpetual low-light photography problem.

Going by the possible promo video that surfaced while 2018 was winding down, HMD's racing for the lead in the "how many cameras can you fit on the back of a phone" competition with its upcoming Nokia 9 PureView quintuple-camera design. The current leaders among flagships are Huawei and LG with three rear cameras.

The video, as posted by MySmartPrice, highlights Nokia's use of the circular five-camera array for producing better low-light photos (by combining the five using multishot HDR) and better detail (by combining the images from all). Nokia continues its tradition of incorporating Zeiss lenses, as well.

It's also somewhat of a milestone, since Nokia revives the PureView branding after reclaiming the trademark from Microsoft in August 2018. 

The phone appears to follow in the footsteps of the 2018 Nokia 8 Sirocco; it's got a similar design, cameras notwithstanding, and carries on the Android One tradition, with the same 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

It's a little bigger, though, with a new 2K (likely 2,048x1,080) "PureDisplay" just a hair under 6 inches and a boost to the newer Snapdragon 845 processing platform and Android 9 Pie. Plus, it gains the latest buzzy features, like Qi wireless charging and an underscreen fingerprint sensor. And it looks like the company's at least scaling back on the use of Nokia's own camera app, since the video highlights features of the stock Android camera app, including post-shot focus adjustment.

Current rumors peg the Nokia 9 PureView's announcement at the end of January, a month in advance of Mobile World Congress 2019.

We reached out to HMD/Nokia for comment but didn't immediately hear back.

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