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iPhone users, rejoice: Google Maps gets Incognito mode on iOS

Avoid saving your Google Maps search history with Incognito mode.

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Angela Lang/CNET

Google Maps users on iOS phones can now turn on Incognito mode to stop searches or places you navigate to in Maps from being saved to your Google account, Google said in a Monday blog post. Google launched the Incognito mode feature for Android users on Google Maps in October. 

Incognito mode means that you won't see personalized features like restaurant recommendations within Maps, the post noted. The mode also won't update your location history, so the places you go in Maps won't be saved to your timeline. 

To turn on Incognito mode on your iPhone or other Apple device, open Google Maps and tap the circle in the top right corner to get to your account information. In the menu that appears, select "Turn on Incognito mode." 


Google also added the ability to delete your timeline and location history in bulk from Maps. 

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