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Track Your Sleep in a Whole New Way With Somalytics' Sleep Mask

Hitting the market in December 2023, the SomaSleep mask is a sleep tracker unlike any other.

A woman lying down sleeping wearing the Somalytics SomaSleep eye mask
The SomaSleep mask from Somalytics tracks sleep using miniature sensors. 

Somalytics is helping change the way you and I think about sleep tracking. At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, the nanotech company showcased its SomaSleep eye-tracking sleep mask, a wearable sleep tracker unlike any you wear on your wrist or finger.

Using small capacitive sensors inside a lightweight sleep mask, SomaSleep tracks your eye movements (including REM or rapid eye movements) and delivers data on your sleeping patterns and general sleep quality. These insights can help you detect possible sleep disruptions and promote a greater awareness of your sleep quality, which plays an important role in mental and physical health

How SomaSleep Works

SomaSleep sleep tracking mask against a white background

A look at SomaSleep, the lightweight sleep-tracking mask from Somalytics.


Somalytics developed what it calls SomaCap, carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors that are highly sensitive, miniature and "paper-thin," the company described. 

When incorporated into the design of a lightweight, wearable sleep mask, the sensors monitor eye movement during sleep or wake periods, including rapid eye movement. Previously, this feat could only be accomplished during a visit to a sleep center. With the introduction of SomaSleep, people will be able to access this information from the palm of their hands and in the comfort of their own homes. 

Sleep insights are delivered through the SomaSleep mobile app and are easily shareable with your doctor. The battery that powers the SomaSleep mask is also very small in scale. It runs for eight hours, but you don't have to worry about overheating while you're asleep. 

In addition to eye tracking, Somalytics plans to use its sensors for different applications such as HMI (human-machine interaction) technology, wearables, and industrial safety. 

According to Somalytics, SomaSleep will be available for purchase by December 2023 for $199. 

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