Eight Sleep's Pod smart bed heats or cools your mattress for you

The Pod tap into your circadian rhythm to regulate your temperature as you sleep.

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Eight Sleep

If you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep , Eight Sleep might have a solution -- the Pod. Available at $2,495 for a king-sized model, $2,195 for a queen and $1,995 for a full, the Pod is a smart bed with a bunch of integrated tech. 

The Pod is "the first bed to combine dynamic temperature regulation, biometric tracking, smart home integrations and sleep coaching," according to Eight Sleep's official press release. 

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An "active grid layer" that zips onto the mattress holds the Pod's sensors and other tracking tech. Not only is it supposed to track your sleep stats and learn your habits over time, it's also supposed to auto-adjust the bed's temperature for you, based on your circadian rhythm. 

The Pod ranges from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don't want it to adjust the temperature for you, you can change it manually. 

Its "thermo alarm" feature is supposed to wake you up more naturally than a standard alarm clock by cooling the bed before your desired wake time. 

Each bed has two zones and it's designed to adjust each side independently.

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See how well you slept in the app and get tips to improve the quality of your sleep. Eight Sleep's Pod is IFTTT-enabled, which means it will work with devices like  Nest , Philips Hue and Amazon Alexa speakers via the free platform. 

Eight Sleep's claims that the Pod automatically adjusts the temperature is its main differentiator. Plenty of other smart beds and sleep accessories offer temperature control: Sleep Number's 360 smart bed has an optional mattress pad with a variety of heat settings. Moona, a smart sleep accessory I saw at CES earlier this year, pumps water into a smart pillow case to ensure you don't get too chilly or overheated as you sleep. Eight Sleep's own Mars+ smart mattress even has heated temperature controls. 

You can preorder a Pod today for $95. You'll pay the remaining amount when the bed ships in April. 

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