Grads Tech Gift Guide 2017

Before your graduate takes on the real world, why not equip them with some awesome tech to help them?

The best gifts under $50 for grads

No matter what grade they're leaving behind, young people will love these affordable gadgets.

Best tech gifts under $100 for grads

Need a good graduation gift? Here's the coolest tech you can get for under $100.

Best headphones for grads 2017

What freshly minted grad wouldn't appreciate a good headphone as a graduation gift. Here's a wide selection of top wireless -- and a few wired -- headphones to choose from.

The best wireless speakers for grads 2017

Today's grads don't need a fancy high-end stereo to make them happy. A good wireless speaker is all they need for their nomadic lifestyle.

Surprise your grad with a smart home gift

Keep things smart even after graduation with these connected home gadgets.

Cameras to reward your favorite grad with

Start them on the road to their post-grad life with a step up in photo and video quality.

12 hatchbacks to haul new graduates into the real world

For the new graduate, cargo space and fuel economy define the best car choices. Here, we've assembled a selection of hatchbacks and compact SUVs that make great starter cars.

Celebrate the new grad with the best games and gear

Know a recent grad? Odds are they'll want to blow off some steam after graduation. Help them do it with some of the best games and gear available now.

The best audio gifts for young graduates

It's not easy picking out an audio gift for your recent grad, but you'll definitely find some ideas in this roundup of CNET's favorite audio gear.

Say congrats to your grad with a new phone

Bid your recent grad best wishes and a job well done with a new phone.

Tablets and PCs to gift your grad

Whether your grad is moving on to the next grade or the next stage of life, one of these computers or tablets is sure to help them reach their goals.

Best streaming and TV gifts for your 2017 grad

It's time to stop studying and turn on the TV! The new graduate worked hard to get through school, and he or she deserves an entertaining new gift. Here's a few suggestions.

Get that grad a fitness tracker or smartwatch!

There are plenty of good picks to put on someone's wrist.

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