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Trouble sleeping? The Withings Sleep pad for $79 might help (Update: Expired)

That's $21 off the regular price of this sleep-tracking tool, which promises to pinpoint your nighttime troubles.

The Withings Sleep pad tucks under your mattress but still manages to collect all manner of sleep data, including your heart rate.

It's hard enough being awake right now, let alone trying to sleep. Coronavirus anxiety is real, and I have no doubt it's robbing many of us of decent rest. I'm struggling myself of late, and while I've always balked at sleep-tracking tools (for reasons I'll explain below), I'm considering this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the . Regular price: $99.95.

The Sleep pairs with your phone and lives under your mattress. There's nothing to wear, thankfully; I can't sleep with something strapped to my wrist, which is why I don't rely on Apple Watch sleep-tracking or something similar.

That's one of my longstanding objections; the other is the notion that merely charting my sleep patterns offers any value. If I wake up and the app tells me, "Yep, you tossed and turned a lot," now I just have more anxiety.

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But the Sleep promises to detect all manner of info, including snoring, breathing disturbances and even heart rate. (I'm not sure how it does that with an entire mattress between us, but apparently it works.) And it then provides actionable tips on how you can improve your slumber.

I haven't yet tested the product, so I can't say for sure if it really does help. And what works for me might not work for you. But I'm considering spending the $79 to find out.

Your thoughts?

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