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Snag a Galaxy S22 or Z Flip 3 for up to $500 off When You Switch to Google Fi

Google is offering hundreds off the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones when you port your existing number to a Google Fi service plan.

Samsung Galaxy S22
Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

If you've just about had it with your current cell phone carrier, Google is offering a strong incentive to switch to its own virtual carrier, Google Fi. In addition to the recent price drops on Fi mobile plans, Google is currently offering up to $500 off a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 or S22 Ultra or Galaxy Z Flip 3 when you bring your current number. That brings the starting price down to as low as $300 on the S22, $500 on the Z Flip 3 and $700 on the powerful Ultra. (Lesser discounts are also being offered on various Pixel and Motorola models, too.) There are some requirements to get the deal, but this is a great chance to grab one of the newest phones on the market right now at a discount. 

One thing that sets this offer apart from some of the S22 deals available right now is that you can get the discount even with a one-time payment. Most other offers will require a monthly payment plan that locks you into a 24- or 36-month contract, so this is one of the best deals you'll find if you prefer to purchase your phone outright. You are required to keep the phone active on a Google Fi plan for at least 120 days to get the highest discount -- a 90-day lock-in gets you up to $300 off -- but this deal offers much more freedom than most.

Unfortunately, the discount is only available to new Fi members or to new members on a preexisting plan, so Fi-to-Fi number transfers are not eligible. 

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