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Port Your Number to Visible and Get Tons of Bonuses With a New iPhone 14

If you switch you existing number over to a Visible plan, you'll get a free pair of AirPods Pro 2, plus a $200 gift card.

iPhone 14 Pro
James Martin/CNET

The iPhone 14 series is the latest and greatest in Apple's flagship lineup, and if you've been looking to get your hands on one of these sleek new phones, then we've got an offer you won't want to miss. There are tons of deals and discounts available out there, but most will require a new line of service, which makes it tough if you're already locked into a service plan with another carrier. But right now, Visible -- an affordable Verizon subsidiary -- you can get some great bonuses with your new iPhone 14 when you transfer your existing number over from another carrier. 

Not only is this offer a great way to get out of your service plan if you've fallen out of love with your current carrier, but it comes with some great bonuses. This deal also scores you a free $200 e-gift card, as well as a free pair of second-gen AirPods Pro -- a $249 value and one of our absolute favorite pairs of earbuds on the market right now. This offer is available for all iPhone 14 models, and after porting in your existing number, the only requirement is that you complete the first three months of service payments. After that, you'll receive your gift card and code to redeem your free AirPods over email. Just note that this offer is not available to existing Verizon customers who are on a prepaid or postpaid plan. 

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