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These Amazon Prime Day deals veer into the bizarre

While everyone else is salivating over Kindles and Fire TV Sticks, we've uncovered the stranger side of Prime Day in the form of socks, Laffy Taffy and toilets.

Amazon deal on unicorn pogo jumper
Hop aboard this unicorn pogo toy at a discounted Prime Day price. Amazon

Promising a sale bigger than Black Friday is a tall order, but Amazon seems to be delivering with its Prime Day sale-a-thon. Timed to celebrate the company's 20th birthday, Prime Day is designed to whip consumers up into a buying frenzy by offering discounts on popular items like Kindle e-readers and fancy television sets.

There is a weird squirmy underbelly to Prime Day. It's not all drool-worthy electronics. Some strange objects are appearing in the midst of the lightning deals.

Some of these deals have already ended, but that doesn't mean they should be allowed to quietly slink out of history.

For one thing, Prime Day is offering deals on odd items like an authenticated signed "Goonies" cast photo inscribed by Sean Astin, Jonathan Ke Quan and Corey Feldman. The normal price is $549.99, but it's scheduled to be an upcoming lightning deal this afternoon.

When you dig deep into the Prime Day weirdness, you will also find signed baseballs, unicorn pogo toys, dog paw cleaners and discounts on mass quantities of toilet paper.

I have yet to venture beyond ordering a Fire TV stick, but I'm sure tempted by this jar of North-American-grown catnip and a set of four vintage filament bulbs. What's the weirdest thing you bought during Amazon's Prime Day sale?