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Is Apple ready for the Samsung Galaxy S4?: Apple Byte

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Spectacles go on sale for all, YouTube skipping the 30 second ad
1:10 February 21, 2017
The biggest tech headlines of the day include Snap selling Spectacles online, Microsoft's new roadmap for its Hololens and YouTube...
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You might actually want this luxurious Moen Smart Shower
2:22 February 21, 2017
As it turns out, bringing connected tech into the shower can work -- though Moen's app controls come at a high price.
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Lightseekers turns your action figure into a game controller
2:09 February 20, 2017
The Lightseekers mobile game combines smart action figures, augmented reality and collectable cards. Here's a quick explanation of...
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This lifelike BB-8 toy follows your voice commands
1:31 February 20, 2017
The Hero Droid BB-8, created by Spin Master, is a realistic RC-controlled version of the beloved Star Wars character.
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Apple iPhone 8 could include facial recognition, Amazon makes free shipping more affordable
1:30 February 20, 2017
In today's tech news, Apple acquires an Israeli facial recognition software startup and Amazon lowers its minimum spend for free shipping...
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Porsche's Panamera gets better with turbo power
8:10 February 20, 2017
Sometimes life's too short to have less than 500bhp in your family car, isn't it?
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Snap to it, Spectacles are sold online
1:29 February 20, 2017
Want to get your hands on a pair of Snapchat Spectacles? They're now a lot easier to buy.
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Electric cars aren't just for golfing any more
2:17 February 20, 2017
The day may be coming when only the wealthy and the foolish avoid EVs.
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