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YouTube's new Chapters feature lets you jump to a specific section of a video

The feature pulls timestamps from a video's description to create sections within a video.

YouTube is launching a new feature that breaks videos up into chapters.
Angela Lang/CNET

YouTube hopes a new feature will make it easier for users to find specific parts of a video. Video Chapters, which launched Thursday on Android, iOS and desktop, uses timestamps from creators to break a video up into chapters, allowing users to jump to a particular section or rewatch a certain portion. The chapters show up at the bottom of the video player and pull timestamps from the video description. 

Video Chapters is an optional feature. Creators can enable it by ensuring the first timestamp listed in the description starts at 0:00, and that there are at least three timestamps or chapters that are 10 seconds or longer each. 

To disable the feature, change the first timestamp in the description to be something other than 0:00, such as 0:01. 

YouTube has been testing the feature since April and the company says it's received positive feedback. 

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