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YouTube Music is now installed by default on Android 10

Google's upping YouTube Music's exposure with the latest version of Android.

YouTube Music is now included with new Android 10 devices. 
Jason Cipriani/CNET

Google's YouTube Music is the company's most recent attempt to rival Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal in music streaming --  and it now appears that Google wants to give it a boost. 

In a blog post Friday, the search giant announced that it will be including the app with Android 10, the latest version of its popular mobile operating system. New devices that will launch with Android 10 will have the app preinstalled. 

Google, of course, is planning to officially unveil its Pixel 4 and 4 XL phones on Oct. 15

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In addition to Android 10, the post says the app will also now be preinstalled on new devices launching with Android 9.

With YouTube Music now bundled by default, Google will no longer be including its other music service, Google Play Music, by default. Instead, those who use that service will need to download the app themselves from the Play Store.