Xiaomi Mi 5 set for debut at MWC on 24 February

The followup to the impressive Mi 4 will make its debut next month at the world's biggest smartphone show in Barcelona.

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Hugo Barra/Xiaomi

Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi has confirmed that its next flagship smartphone, the Mi 5, will launch next month at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona.

Xiaomi's Global Vice President Hugo Barra confirmed the launch on Twitter, exclaiming, "#Mi5 is almost here! Xiaomi's first product launch in 2016, on February 24. It's everything you imagined, and more."

Specs of the upcoming phone are yet to be announced -- the image Barra sent with his tweet (seen above) is devoid of details. We'll have to wait for launch day to find out more.

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Xiaomi's previous flagship, the Mi 4, impressed us with swift performance and a fine camera, but it was its extremely affordable price that really wowed us. Xiaomi will have to maintain its focus on value with the Mi5 if it hopes to compete in the "cheap but good" arena that has become increasingly crowded with smartphones from China.

We'll be at MWC in force, so keep your eyes peeled for everything you need to know about the Mi 5 as soon as it's unveiled. Samsung's next flagship, the Galaxy S7, and LG's G5 are also expected to make appearances at the show -- be sure to keep it CNET over the coming weeks.