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Pokemon Go looks even better with ARKit

Pikachu is going to look much more realistic thanks for Apple's new augmented reality platform.

Pokemon Go got some love during WWDC 2017.
Apple/ Screenshot by CNET

This story is part of WWDC 2022, CNET's complete coverage from and about Apple's annual developers conference.

Apple is throwing some shade detailing on Pokemon Go.

With its new ARKit, Apple is going all in with augmented reality. The platform for iPhone and iPad apps aims to push AR forward with more realistic looking digital objects projected onto the real world. The feature allows for stable motion tracking, lighting and scaling estimation. 

During a demo at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose on Monday, Apple showed off how ARKit looked like with Pokemon Go -- a Pikachu that has shadows in 3D, and is actually on the floor, not just floating around. 

"The Pokemon is so real, he's right there on the ground," said Craig Fderighi, Apple's head of software, during the demo. The company boasted that with ARKit, it will have the world's largest AR platform.