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Withings Body Scan debuts at CES 2022, and it does way more than check your weight

The smart scale aims to assess nerve activity and heart rhythm.

The Withings Body Scan.

This story is part of CES, where CNET covers the latest news on the most incredible tech coming soon.

Withings is debuting its new Body Scan smart scale at CES 2022, and it will measure more than just your weight. The company has been making Wi-Fi connected scales for years, and this latest edition plans to sense nerve activity and heart rhythm. The device is seeking FDA clearance and targeting a release in the second half of 2022. No price is currently available.

The Body Scan claims to be able to track nerve activity from sweat glands in the feet by applying a small direct current, and from that puts a score into the Withings App. The company says that lifestyle changes like healthy eating and exercise can improve nerve activity, and hopes to track that in addition to body composition.

To track body composition, Withings says the Body Scan is introducing segmental body composition technology that would allow a view of whole body measurements, such as fat and water percentage, along with individual body part measurements for the torso, arms and legs. 

The scale can also record a 6-lead ECG for detecting heart arrhythmias, and can detect heart rate and vascular age. These readings can be stored and shared with medical professionals using the Withings app. 

The scale is among several devices debuting in the last few months that attempt to cram more health data into items we use on a daily basis. The Movano Ring, which also debuts this week, aims to monitor vital signs like heart rate and blood oxygen, while Amazon's recently released Halo View strives to provide health insights as part of a subscription.

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