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Windows Phone 8 ad pokes fun at Apple vs Samsung feud

Microsoft's latest Windows Phone ad pokes fun at the idiocy of overzealous Samsung and Apple fanboys.

Family, eh? With all the preparation in the world, there's only so much you can do to ensure your wedding goes smoothly if you've got unpredictable rellies -- as can be seen in Microsoft's latest Windows Phone ad.

The ad pokes fun at the idiocy of overzealous fanboyism, showing nuptials being disrupted by warring Samsung and Apple fans who can't agree to disagree, even while their loved ones say their vows. For shame! Hit play on the video below to check it out in full.

Determined to set Windows Phone apart from the constant back and forth between iOS and Android fans and position it as the more mature third way, the ad depicts the demise of the celebrations, just as wedding guests raise their phones to capture the precious moment.

"Would you mind moving your enormous phone," quips one guest across the aisle, no doubt referring to the gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note 2. From there, the insults begin to fly between teams, before a full-on fists-of-fury fight ensues.

In the middle of it all stand the waiting staff, capturing the mayhem on their Nokia Lumia 920s. "I think they kind of like fighting," one says. In my experience, that's pretty much on the money -- there's way too much pointless preoccupation with what tech everyone else is using.

It seems to me that fundamentalist fanboyism and subsequent mud-slinging is merely a means to expel some pent-up frustration. There are easier ways, guys -- go take a yoga class, or something. Drink some camomile tea, maybe. Or, just follow Micosoft's totally zen "Don't fight. Switch" advice. Because throwing a third competitor into the ring is obviously likely to result in a peaceful outcome for all. Obviously.

It's not the first time a Windows Phone advert has taken a pop at the competition -- back in October Nokia released an animated ad showing the Lumia 920 adding splashes of colour into a monochrome world dominated by iPhones.

Are you fed up of warring fanboys? Or are you one of them? Take sides in the comments, or don your flower garland and protest peacefully on our Facebook page.