iPhone 5 mocked by Nokia in colourful Lumia 920 ad

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the latest phone to take a pop at the iPhone 5.

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Watch this: CNET News Nokia Lumia advert

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the latest phone to take a pop at the iPhone 5, and this time it's adding some colour to the mobile phone world.

The animated ad opens in a drab and dreary grey city of shuffling queues, filled with homogenous drones toting iPhones. It's a bleak vision of the future that even Fritz Lang and George Orwell would reject for being a bit glum -- but all is not lost: a lone renegade rises, demanding some colour in this horrific world. Press play below to see how the system is smashed.

The iPhone has only ever come in black or white varieties -- with a bit of silver on the side -- and for a while there the rest of the mobile phone world followed suit. It seems like grey, black and -- if you're particularly cavalier about your colour coordination -- dark blue have been the only choices of phone livery for the longest time, so we welcome the multi-hued Lumia line as a breath of fresh air.

The Lumia 920 arrives in November and comes in lipstick red and canary yellow as well as the usual black, white and grey. The 820 has the same lineup -- with an additional purple option -- all of which can be swapped thanks to interchangeable snap on cases.

The current Lumia line-up also looks luminous in colours including turquoise. The clever thing about all this is that the coloured cases match the colours onscreen, so you can match the hue of your dynamic live tiles with the rest of your phone.

The new Nokia Lumia phones go on sale next month with the arrival of new Windows Phone 8 software, following on the heels of computer and tablet equivalent Windows 8. They'll be joined by other Windows Phones including the HTC 8X and 8S, and the Samsung Ativ S.

This isn't the first advert to take aim at the iPhone 5, with Samsung ridiculing the very customers it seeks to entice and Motorola lampooning the troubled Apple Maps app.

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