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Where to find Facebook's new Weather app

Facebook heard you like weather forecasts, so it put some weather in your Facebook app.


Facebook recently added a new Weather section to its mobile app, and eventually weather forecasts will make their way to your newsfeed. Until then, if you want to rely on Facebook (which is using for its data) to stay up to date on the latest weather reports, you'll need to take a few steps.

Here's where to find it:

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  • In the Android or iOS app, slide out the menu by tapping on the three-line icon. (Top right on Android, bottom right on iOS.)
  • Scroll down to the Apps section, then tap See More or See All.
  • After gawking at all of the apps and services you never knew existed in the Facebook app, select Weather.

You can customize the city for the forecast, as well as change between Fahrenheit and Celsius by opening the Settings gear at the top of your screen.

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