WhatsApp's New Update Could Help Organize Your Plans

The chat app is adding support for lists and other formatting that could help out with sharing steps or plans.

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Mike Sorrentino
WhatsApp Text Formatting graphic

WhatsApp is adding new options that will help you with making lists inside of a text conversation.


WhatsApp is announcing new features Wednesday that could help make it easier to share plans, recipes or other lists.

The Meta-owned chat app is adding support for bulleted lists, numbered lists and block quotes for highlighting key text. Those features also come alongside support for an inline code format to help delineate commands within steps.

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Accessing these features will be similar to how they work in a word processing program like Google Docs. For instance, bulleted lists can be created by using a hyphen and then hitting space, and numbered lists can start by using a numeral and hitting space.

Block quotes can be created by using the rightward arrow (>) symbol and hitting space. To create inline code, use the accent (`) symbol before and after the selected text.

The new features come as WhatsApp continues to get ready to add support for third-party chat apps, which it's required to do to be compliant with the European Union's Digital Markets Act. That designation also applies to Meta's Messenger app, with the DMA citing the size of the texting platforms as well as their ability to monetize. They also come a day after the Signal chat app announced support for usernames, which can optionally supplant the need to use a phone number to start conversations.

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