What we didn't hear about iPhone 4

Apple introduced the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010 to much fanfare, and while there's much to celebrate, we didn't hear a few announcements we were expecting.

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Nicole Lee
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The new iPhone 4 unveiled Monday. James Martin/CNET

There's plenty to like about the iPhone 4 that Steve Jobs just announced at WWDC 2010. There's the front-facing camera with FaceTime video chat, the higher-resolution display, and the 5-megapixel camera with HD movie recording, just to name a few features, but as with any product with this much hype, there were bound to be a plethora of rumors preceding the announcement.

Here, we revisit some of those predictions and see which just didn't make the cut. Let us know in the comments if there was anything else you were expecting!

Yes, we know that AT&T just announced a tethering option for the iPhone, but we're surprised that we didn't hear that from Jobs himself, especially since it's a feature many U.S. customers have been waiting for almost a year now.

Verizon iPhone
Ah yes, the never-ending desire for a Verizon iPhone. Yet again, we didn't hear a peep about the iPhone possibly going to another carrier, much less Verizon Wireless. Still, we bet this rumor won't die any time soon.

Wi-Fi or cloud syncing
Many people wished for an easier way to sync the iPhone to the computer without having to use a USB cable and iTunes, and some thought the purchase of Web-based Lala was a sign of wireless or cloud syncing. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, at least not yet.

Free MobileMe
The $99 a year for MobileMe is quite a chunk of change, so we were expecting Apple to knock the price down a tad, perhaps even introducing a reduced-feature free model. It's too bad it didn't--a free Find My iPhone feature would have been a killer deal.

Apple TV integration
After the Google TV announcement at Google I/O, we thought Apple might have something up its sleeve regarding its own TV product, and maybe it would be integrated with the phone somehow. Clearly, that doesn't seem to be in the cards just yet.

64GB iPhone
Since the iPod Touches enjoy a 64GB model, we were expecting a similar bump for the iPhone. Not so. Perhaps there wasn't room for it in the new thin design.

OLED screen
Some were expecting Apple to go the OLED route for the display since many of its Android competitors use AMOLED, but Apple decided to opt for the apparently better-looking "Retina display" route that promises way higher pixel resolution.