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Apple says bye-bye to Lala

Lala, the music service recently acquired by Apple, is being shuttered, but Lala's technology may live on in iTunes cloud music and video features.

Part of Lala's home page on Thursday, before the farewell note went up. Screenshot by CNET

Apple will shut down Lala six months after acquiring the struggling streaming-music service.

A note that replaces Lala's home page says the service will no longer accept new customers and informs members that the site will be functional only through May 31.

Lala is a streaming-music site that sells songs for 10 cents apiece and enables people to store their music libraries on the company's servers. Lala has gone through multiple iterations; it was once a CD-swapping service before reinventing itself as a streaming site.

Apple's decision to close Lala isn't much of a surprise as Lala never found much of a foothold as a standalone music service. The real prize for Apple was the company's streaming technology. Shortly after the Apple's December acquisition of Lala, sources told CNET that Lala's engineers and leaders would help spearhead a cloud-based streaming service.

Apparently, Apple is considering a plan to offer iTunes users the ability to store digital copies of their music and videos on the company's servers and then be given the ability to access their media via any Web-enabled device.

Thus, we may have yet to see Lala's most lasting legacy.