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What do you want Apple to unveil Wednesday? (poll)

Are you drooling at the prospect of an overhauled Apple TV? An iPod Touch with a Retina screen? How about some kind of online version of iTunes? Cast your vote!

As some of you know by now, Apple is hosting a "special event" Wednesday, September 1, 2010, to unveil something--perhaps several somethings.

According to the rumor mill, Apple might take the wraps off an iPad with a 7-inch screen or a new-and-improved version of the Apple TV--which many people are guessing the company will call the iTV.

Traditionally, September is Apple's iPod refresh month, so the chances are good that we'll see a new Touch, and possibly a new Nano or Shuffle as well. And what of iTunes? Will Apple finally do something with the Lala music-streaming service it acquired last year?

I'll leave the speculation to others. What I want to know is what product, service, or update you hope to see Apple release most? Vote in our poll, then hit the comments to explain your choice, talk up the latest rumors, shout down the inevitable "I don't care what Apple does" posts, and so on.

My prediction: Apple will announce an iPad price cut. Maybe it's too soon for that, especially given how brisk iPad sales have been, but my cheapskate senses have been tingling.