iPhone X, iPhone 8: Watch the biggest moments from Apple

You don't need to watch Apple's entire keynote to check out the iPhone X or see what's new with the Apple Watch and wireless charging. We've clipped out the biggest moments for you.

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On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Apple invited CNET (and a lot of other journalists) to its new spaceship campus for the very first time. It unveiled a host of hot new products and features, including three new iPhones.

And here, in this post, we're compiling the biggest moments from Apple's huge event in video form. You can watch exactly what you'd like, and nothing else.

First up: Let's hear from Steve Jobs himself.

Watch this: Tim Cook dedicates the new Steve Jobs Theater

Next, a better look at Apple's new spaceship campus, where the event was held.

Watch this: Apple goes green with new Apple Park campus

Here's the Apple Watch Series 3, which can make calls by itself.

Watch this: Apple Watch Series 3 lets you make calls, stream music sans iPhone

How about a new Apple TV with 4K and HDR?

Watch this: Apple introduces Apple TV 4K with HDR

A new game for Apple TV called Sky, from the creators of Journey.

Watch this: Sky, a beautiful Apple TV game from the creators of Journey

Here's the iPhone 8. Is it the one you were waiting for?

Watch this: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus get wireless charging

The stunning new iPhone X is real. Here it is:

Watch this: Apple unveils iPhone X with Super Retina Display and Face ID

And here's the new Face ID camera that replaces the fingerprint sensor.

Watch this: Apple explains Face ID on iPhone X

Animoji aren't just animated emoji: They're your facial expressions:

Watch this: See Apple's new animojis in action

Augmented reality games are coming in a big way. Here's a neat multiplayer one:

Watch this: Apple shows first multiplayer game using AR

Wireless charging isn't just for iPhones. Meet AirPower:

Watch this: AirPower: Apple's vision for the future of wireless charging

Tim Cook also took a moment to address hurricane devastation early on.

Watch this: Tim Cook details Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Bonus round: Our first hands-on with Apple's new phones!

Watch this: iPhone X: Packed with new features
Watch this: iPhone 8 debuts with wireless charging

And here's a wrap-up of all of Apple's biggest announcements.

Watch this: Apple iPhone X is all about your face

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