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Vodafone tops Optus in Galaxy Tab pricing

Vodafone has released its Galaxy Tab pricing, revealing it intends to be cheaper and more generous than competitor Optus.

Vodafone today released its contract and month-to-month pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, revealing that its cheapest plan comes in at AU$10 per month under competitor Optus.

(Credit: Samsung)

Vodafone Galaxy Tab plans will start at AU$45 per month; this price is comprised of an AU$15 service fee and an AU$30 device repayment cost. The AU$45 plan will offer users 1.5GB of data each month, while the next plan of AU$55 per month will include 10GB a month.

Customers can also choose cap plans that include an allowance for voice calls and messaging, similar to regular smartphone plans. An AU$55 plan is available with 1.2GB of data and AU$180 worth of calls, and those who elect to pay AU$79 per month will receive unlimited calls to Australian numbers in addition to 3GB of data.

The Galaxy Tab can be bought outright for AU$999 and Vodafone will offer a range of SIM-only plans to suit customers who forgo the monthly handset repayment with an upfront purchase.

Competitor Optus announced its Galaxy Tab pricing on Monday, offering the tablet on contract for AU$54.95 at its cheapest, including 8GB of peak data usage.

Broadband only

Cap plan Device cost Monthly spend Data included Total cost
AU$15 AU$30 AU$45 1.5GB AU$1080
AU$29 AU$26 AU$55 10GB AU$1320
AU$39 AU$26 AU$65 14GB AU$1560
AU$49 AU$26 AU$75 16GB AU$1800

Voice and data

Monthly spend Data included Call value included Total cost
AU$55 1.2GB AU$180 AU$1320
AU$65 2.5GB AU$450 AU$1560
AU$79 3GB Unlimited AU$1896
AU$99 4GB Unlimited AU$2376